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About Us
Brand names become popular and earn consumer goodwill over long periods, with strict quality control, sustained advertising and consumer friendly measures. A star brand is most vulnerable to counterfeits, infringements, and parasites. An effective brand and copy rights protection regime is as important as quality control, state of the art production lines, elaborate sales network and aggressive marketing.

Pakistan Intellectual Property Rights Solution (Pvt) Ltd came into existence on 22nd July 2002. Its board of directors includes officers having a prolonged commitment to improve the Intellectual Property rights situation in the Country. Domestically territory-wise it is organized into three regions, Southern Region, Central Region and Northern Region. However internationally, the organization is flexible and works on case to case basis. It employs over 100 investigators domestically and around 15 internationally. These are mostly drawn out from the experienced retired manpower of the Government Departments especially in the fields of investigation, enforcement and post enforcement legal procedures.

PIPS is an exclusive company registered with the Government to provide dedicated Intellectual Property services in the Country.
It has nine offices in all the major urban centers of the Country. With this intricate network it has the capability to effectively operate throughout the Country. At the global level, PIPS has the ability to investigate in China, Iran, Middle East and Africa, where it has its network of specialists working in close collaboration with the local IP Companies. Domestically, it is a market leader with most of the major brand owner as its clients. At the international level, our clientele is in China, Iran, Middle East, Europe, South East Asia and Africa, and our contributions in protecting their Intellectual Property rights has been quite effective, result generating and generally acknowledged.